Tricky traps in the matrix and how to fight back.

Tricky, spiky, static energy hisses and fizzes as the matrix cracks and splinters around us. We are in the midst of a tidal wave of cosmic frequencies. We are experiencing high voltage upgrades. We are coming online with quantum existence. The skies hum and buzz as the creaking machinery of the matrix is dismantled from above and below. Photon blasts, solar flares, cosmic events and higher vibrations coming from Gaia are sandwiching the hologram, squeezing it into submission.

It is rumoured our planet has a warning barrier round it, yellow tape, ‘Caution, Do Not Enter’. Travellers beyond our little sparkling gem in the solar system are rubber necking. Emergency aid workers come to our defence. Multi dimensional soul tribe guide, protect, cheer us on. 

As we come online we expand our consciousness, connect as integral beings of the multi verse. Down here on the frontline day to day interactions snap and crackle with frustration, stress, fear and confusion. Maintaining calm and equilibrium in the current cosmic climate is a tall order. We can feel discombobulated, our energy flow blocked or gritty between our upper and lower chakras. This disconnection in our mind body soul being can make us clumsy, physically. Be mindful when driving, cooking, doing activities that require coordination, caution and concentration.

We can feel overwhelmed by the demands of our day to day lives. Simple tasks can seem insurmountable when we are grappling with such fundamental concerns as when our children will next eat or distracted by global concerns of poverty and war. Dissociation from our lives can occur, we can drift away from our physical bodies. Be drawn down darker pathways of our ego led mind, into spaces of depression or despair that are very hard to escape. We can let addictions take hold, dominate our lives, make the decisions for us, simplify things. None of this is free flow of energy. It is blocks, breaks and broken bridges. Being grounded is key to shifting toxic clogging of our energetic arteries. Keeping the energy flowing helps us balance and stay calm.

The matrix, as Morpheus says, “is everywhere, it is all around us.”. It is low vibrational frequency. It is impatience, irritability, flaring tempers and frayed nerves. It is delays, disruptions, disarray and demonstrations. It is tragedy, terrorism, trauma and travesty. Yet it is not inside. It is not in our soul. It is in our bodies and our minds, from birth, both can be detoxed, but it cannot contaminate our soul if we choose to resist it. 

If we turn inwards, seek solitude, reflection, stillness and calm. If we take time to look after ourselves. If we learn self care, self respect and self love. Then the matrix is fatally damaged, it is in full retreat, it knows its a losing game. It no longer owns you. It may dictate our day to day existence but it does not control our mind, for an awakened, connected soul is an expanding mind. One cannot happen without triggering the other. This is trinity being. This is the beginning of quantum. This is evolution.

How can we get to this inner space of wisdom, peace and self worth whilst we are immersed in the hologram of the elite? How can we avoid subversive, sneaky, slippery traps set out to snare us. We can do this by recognising how, why, when and where the matrix sets its traps.

5 ways the matrix traps us.

1. Economic circumstance, geographic place of birth keeps us in primal fight or flight mode. We are stuck in a loop of day to day survival.

2. Redtape, beaurocracy, micro management, death by detail. Over complication of processes, middlemen dominating the game. 

3. Traumatises us, damages us, traps us with tragedy. Corrodes us with poisons, mind control, and chaos. Lies to keep us down, down, down in low frequency fear.

4. Usually following on from any of the above, seduces us into addiction. Toxins alcohol, pornography, gambling, opiates (legal and illegal), sugar and fats. We then have the addiction to deal with, preventing or delaying us from getting to necessary karmic clearing.

5. Racism, sexism, any-kind-of-ism, homophobia, economic prejudice are all key tools in this war strategy of divide and conquer. We police ourselves.

Retreating from the matrix as often as possible helps us gain perspective, ground back into Gaia, and raise our vibration. We are in a warzone for our mind, body and souls. The matrix is crumbling, it is breaking down, being decommissioned, game over, Kansas is going bye bye. As it malfunctions, freezes and crashes we must raise our game to fight this hostile environment.

5 ways to be an earth warrior.

1. Mantras, meditation, spiritual protection, prayer, chanting. Seeking inner calm to manifest outer peace.

2. Pick your battles in day to day interactions. Be street wise. Lower your expectations where appropriate. Recognise your own mood and work with it not against it.

3. As much as possible adapt to the routines and rhetoric of the matrix. It’s watching us like hawks and will pounce if we slip up. Avoid hand to hand combat. Pay fines, get the kids to school on time, adhere to rational and sometimes irrational laws and conventions as camouflage, as armour, as a way of keeping the matrix off your back.

4. Reenergise in nature, interact with animals or children, do creative, imaginative activities. Reset your frequency, restore balance. Make an effort, keep hauling your vibration back up.

5. Fight for your rights, join debates, sign petitions, make your voice heard about the things that matter to you. Stand up for your rights. People power, free speech, pressuring local politicians, engaging in debate and pushing things forward.

Throat chakra activation is an integral part of the awakening process. Humanity is powerful. There are a lot more of us than them. The technology age has gifted us with instant communication, with truth shared by ordinary people all over the world. Unified consciousness at its birth. Cosmic frequencies may be turbulent, tidal, testing us to our limits. Each time we push through the barriers, body swerve the bait, wise up to the propaganda and programming, we taste freedom. 

To be an earth warrior is to be a free thinker, a free radical, and a freedom fighter. To rate yourself as worthy of time, effort, care, compassion and love. It is to create love within us. To open our heart chakra and connect with Gaia, with cosmic consciousness, with sovereignty and oneness. These are dark times streaked with rainbows of bliss, of zen, of pure love vibration. We can do this people. Be wise, be wary, be full of wonder at the beauty of Gaia and the human experience. Engage in the moment, drag your mind out of the past or the future, into the present. Engage your senses, all of them. Slow down. Smile. Meditate. In light, love, harmony and humility at all times. Safe surfing beautiful people.

Mantra: I breathe in calm, peace and love, I exhale anxiety, pain and fear.

I am one with universal love light energy, protected at all times.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

Glastonbury 2017 Heart & Third Eye Gaia chakra activation

Gaia is an organic being, she has chakras, portals for free flow of energy through and round her. Like us, our planet is experiencing cosmic chakra activation, an accelerated upgrade of her energetic system, rebooting her to higher frequencies. Glastonbury, England is where our planet’s heart and third eye chakras are believed to be. A sacred place, a powerful crossroads of ley lines, of ancient wisdom, of spirituality, healing and high frequency love. 

The Glastonbury festival has honoured this unique part of the world, harnessing the higher vibration of music and magnifying it. The pyramid stage symbolises pagan understanding of mind body spirit wellbeing as well as acting as a conduit for higher frequencies generated by the festival goers and the music. This conduit draws love light energy down from the universe into the crowd and allows the higher frequencies generated by the festival to move up and flow out round Gaia and into the universe. Glastonbury is the beating heart of our world connecting us to higher dimensions, transmuting negative energy, pumping love light frequencies back into Gaia . 

Glastonbury festival has been under relentless pressure from darker forces wishing to sabotage the heart of this beautiful celebration and darken it’s energy with low frequency matrix music. The owner, Michael Eavis, has successfully resisted this. Inviting #obiwancorbyn to speak at this year’s festival is a further nail in the coffin of the elite on many levels. 

Politics is everything in the matrix. It is the food we eat, the dreams we are allowed to entertain, the safety of our families, the wellbeing of our people. The emergence of rational politics can and will save our world. Jeremy Corbyn, among others, is giving a voice to those who have no say in the direction of their lives. He is bringing heart led politics to the UK and world stage. Corbyn does not deliver cold, reptilian, robot rhetoric, he is grassroots peace and love. Corbyn and Glastonbury have both stood for peace and love for decades. Glastonbury 2017 was the homecoming of a true Jedi knight, a voice for our people.

Glastonbury is also where the planet’s third eye chakra is believed to be at this time. The area, already well known for ancient sacred sites, is also where many intricate, geometrically beautiful crop circles have appeared. This communication from other beings is in a language only a handful of people on Gaia, at this time, can read or understand. Containing activation codes, mathematical information about how energy operates on our planet, as well as reassurance. Crop circles are a powerful reminder that we are not alone. 

As our awakening builds momentum, our heart and third eye chakras open and clear. We come online with love frequency and have the opportunity to communicate with our guides and higher self. Glastonbury is where the planet’s heart and third eye chakras are opening, clearing, strengthening and balancing. Heart led politics in the form of Jeremy Corbyn, merged with a sacred space of powerful energetic vibrations is both a metaphorical and literal rEvolution. 

Corbyn spoke of peace, of safety, of compassion, shelter and a society that takes care of its people. This is new earth politics, delivered by a Jedi of the earth warrior awakening. These are the times written and spoken of for millennia. We are living through the greatest transformation a planet and her people can experience. We are overthrowing the demonic ruling elite and restoring fluid balance to ourselves and our world. We celebrate and thank Jeremy and all those supporting him and working for a fairer society. We embrace other world high frequency communication. We aspire to taking our rightful place in the intergalactic communities around us. We welcome contact. We welcome change. We welcome love. 

Stay connected to Gaia and love light energy, be a mini conduit of love, balance and harmony through self care, heart led living and third eye activation. We are part of the evolution of a whole planet, we are organic, intricately connected to our planet and the multiverse. We witness, celebrate and unify with courage, comittment and belief in a better world. In love and light brothers and sisters.

Mantra: I am a fluid being of love light. 

I am grateful to earth warriors fighting for peace on Gaia. 

I connect to love frequency. I send healing and protection to Jeremy Corbyn and those supporting him. 

I am a co creator of the new earth, in love, in light, in humility and with grace. Namaste.

Earth warriors, lightworkers create the new earth!

As the frequencies rise we attain heightened awareness of timeline shifts, parallel lives, universes, our sliding doors moments. We can almost see, hear, feel, these other paths. Echoes of different choices, different hopes and dreams can haunt us. To be a balanced being is to be at one with the past, the future, by being in the present. To be quantum is to know all those other paths, alternative choices. It is to see your future and have the ability to change your past. It is to be grounded and expansive, rooted in Gaia yet connected to cosmic frequency of love. 

We are transforming, transitioning, transcending. From 3d to 5d, from linear to multi, from slaves to free people. We are ascending in frequency. An organic process triggered by cosmic waves of higher frequencies. A rare opportunity to clear many lifetimes of karma in one lifetime. This is Gaia healing. This is Enlightened Unity Consciousness. This is Awakening. 

We stay mindful, present, connected and fluid. Over time we learn to meditate love frequency. We face the dark night of the soul and release old, stuck, negative energy. We become masters of our own destiny, manifesting higher pathways of being. We affect our reality. We can communicate with our guides and higher self. We can consciously fine tune our vibration, adapt to our environment. We can become adept at reading and speaking energy. 

Compassion, gratitude and openness are the foundations of this transition. A society who cares for its people, catches them when they fall. A society that takes care of its planet, it’s resources, working in tandem with Gaia. This is the new earth. It may be all about frequencies and wavelengths, dna upgrades and cosmic waves of accelerated evolution. But what it’s really about is the people of this world finding their hearts, their compassion, their empathy. Overthrowing, disbanding, breaking down the warlord overlords. Deleting the dollar, the euro, the yen. Creating one global, culturally diverse, glorious people. 

This is doable here and now in the third dimension. In fact it’s happening. Maybe as we change things here, we raise the vibrations and become who we are supposed to be. Maybe there will be an old earth stuck in the third dimension, a place of war, depravity and greed. We don’t know. And it doesn’t really matter. To upgrade our DNA and unplug from the matrix is to be humble, to be compassionate, to be love. To understand sovereignty, synchronicity and spirituality from deep within yourself. As more people wake up and come online to these higher wavelengths we create unity consciousness. We create the new earth. 

To be in the present is to paradoxically move forward. It is to evolve and grow by being connected to the moment we are in. To reach this frequency spectrum we cannot be looking backwards. Always looking over our shoulder at what could have, might have, should have been. Just as we cannot be over ambitious or competitive, always peering up the ladder at the next rung. Both vibrational spaces are dense, heavy frequencies. Weighing us down with emotional baggage. Unwilling or unable to move on and accept timeline shifts, let go of paths not chosen or walked upon in this lifetime. Connecting to the here and the now. Grounded, balanced and expansive in our consciousness, is being mindful. It is being grateful. It is being balanced. 

We all make choices, some are preordained, we may regret them or feel we underestimated how hard it would be here, but we honour them. Other timeline shifts are by chance, by luck, by instinct, by guidance or by passion. We are led to pathways. We can choose which ones to look at, which to walk. We have free will. No-one owns us. We can free ourselves from the inside out. Be at peace with your choices, preordained or instinctive. Accept trauma and release it. Exert your freedom. We are becoming quantum beings. We should own it, be it, love it. In gratitude, in humility and always in grace. In love and light friends.

Mantra: I am a fluid being of love light energy.

I release all that no longer serves to my higher purpose.

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid sending healing, peace and love to this beautiful world.

Energy Update Tidal wave activates portals to higher dimensions

Earth warriors, lightworkers portals are open as we move towards our solstice. Portals of higher frequencies, fifth dimension and beyond, creating a tidal wave of lighter vibrational energy washing over Gaia. Connectedness to guides and higher self will become clearer, we will feel, see, hear their presence, their guidance and their love. Call soul tribe on this earthly plane, to you. Meditate love frequency, inner calm, outer peace. Be mindful. Stay balanced. Remember we have been here before.

Rest and self care are paramount. If you are experiencing persistent disturbed sleep, waking up at the same time 3.33 4.44 1.23 you are already deep in recalibration. Don’t be afraid to rest through the day, to find some quiet time, turn everything off and simply be. Our bodies are restructuring, our minds are expanding and our souls are waking up. We are coming online as quantum beings. This takes a huge amount of energy. Stay hydrated. 

Be aware of your energy field, what or who resonates with you, avoid people or places you feel averse to. Be kind to yourself. Minimise what you have to do. Don’t worry or freak out, this will pass and surges of energy will follow, where we are uber efficient, calm and focused. Allow this experience, embrace it and welcome upgrades. 

The wave of intense recalibration we are engulfed in is activating our throat chakra. We shed layer after layer of old stuck karmic energy. We are finding our voice. We are stripping back matrix programming. Discovering our true selves. What makes us tick, our dreams and passions. We are waking up to a planet in need of care and attention. An awakening people. 

Embracing our authentic selves means shedding layers of protective karmic armour. Speaking about other dimensions, other lifetimes, other lifeforms. It means stepping out of the shadows, embracing energy as a language, as everything. Unplugging from matrix algorithms, behaviours, thought patterns. To be different, to be unusual, to say and do things that challenge the status quo. 

This is our mission. To cause ripples, make waves, challenge, heal and share. Breathe, release, protect, shield up. We are all in this together, manifest change, manifest peace, manifest dignity. Safe surfing beautiful people.

Mantra: I am having a calm, safe day.

I ask my higher self to clear and power up my energy field, protecting me from all lower frequencies.

I am who I am supposed to be, I am where I am supposed to be, I am ready to change all that no longer serves to my highest purpose. Namaste.

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Energy Update Incoming Chakra Activations 

Cosmic waves activate our chakras, bringing our mind body soul system online wuth higher frequencies. To integrate flow of energy, through and round our system, each chakra has to be cleared of blockages, flow should be free and easy. This process of karmic evolution is affecting us all. The fifth dimension is calling. 

To align with higher vibrations we lighten our karmic load. We are being triggered to release all loeer vibrational energy. The health of our physical bodies, our humansuits, is just as important as our mental wellbeing and soul nourishment. We seek balance and harmony through our whole being. 

Many of us are experiencing palpitations, fluttering sensations in our heart due to intensive activation of our heart chakra. The heart chakra on Gaia is at Glastonbury England. The UK has just instigated a monumental timeline shift from selfish/slave politics to selfless/sharing politics. After decades of elitist middle to right politics we have established a rational, authentic left, with compassion not greed at its heart. This is upgrades, activation of the heart chakra on a global and individual scale. This is Gaia awakening.

Ongoing blurry vision, ear popping and humming and persistent coughs continue to affect many of us. Our eyes can be cloudy, itchy, as our third eye opens, clears and comes online. The veils between dimensions thin, we begin to see orbs, translucent shapes move across or on the periphary of our vision. We are rewiring our brains to see in quantum not 3d. 

We can hear the fluctuation in frequencies like ascent and decent in a plane, in our ears. Lighter vibrations are washing through us upgrading our DNA. This shifts our vibration, promoting release of heavier, negative karma. Our mind body soul systems adjust and attune to these higher frequencies.

Persistent coughs affect many of us. Our throat chakras continue to wake up. We clear our throats from all the matrix blocks and sticky karma that has prevented us from speaking our truth. Polarity of this dimension has pushed us to examine who we are and what kind of world we live in. Spiritual awakening introduces us to being in the present, to mindfulness, gratitude and love. Our throat chakras are our voice, our expression of who we are and our interacting with the world. Free flow of higher vibrations through our throat chakra is integrity, it is truth, it is authenticity and sovereignty.

The sacral chakra is susceptible to all the short-term, quick fixes the third dimension has to offer. It can get clogged with toxins, temptations, addictions, stresses and fears. Our intestines, our reproductive system and our liver, particularly, are vulnerable. Easing off on plastic processed food, alcohol and fake foods, consuming more raw fruit, vegetables and water can kickstart sacral chakra clearing. 

The sacral chakra is also where we hold anxiety, fear and upset. We can hold difficult day to day emotions in our gut, if they aren’t released they can cause long term physical and emotional problems. We can feel unable to let go or move on from challenging people, places or experiences. We can experience profound anxiety that layers up over time triggering old pressure points, building blocks, creating cavities in our energetic flow. 

Our root chakra stores much of our darker, heavier childhood, past life and ancestral karma. To clear and encourage flow we excavate these dense, shadowy spaces. There are pitfalls however to karmic clearing. We can become fixated on our trauma. In many ways western style talk therapy can enable this fixation. We repeatedly reopen wounds instead of letting them close and heal. 

Ancestral and family karma can also suffer from constant reopening, triggered by interactions in our day to day lives. This persistent prodding of old wounds, over excavation, can be dangerous for our mental health, our energetic balance. We can fall off a cliff of depression, obsessively reliving traumatic experiences, preventing us from releasing and healing. 

Knowing when to draw the line on karmic excavation is a tricky business. Ask yourself is this serving me to my highest purpose? Does knowing more, talking more, feeling more about this help me? Am I healing, releasing the trauma and finding closure?  

The smaller chakras on the palms of our hands, feet, on our knees and the top of our shoulders are buzzing as they awaken. If you are experiencing pain or stiffness in these areas look into physiotherapy and holistic healing to ease the shift and clearance of lower vibration energy. These chakras want to open, they want to connect us to our energy field and to the quantum world around us. They are powerful entry and exit points for positive and negative energy. 

We can heal using our hand chakras. Reiki light love frequency can be channelled quickly and easily through our palm chakras. We can use our hands to heal other parts of our body as well as other people. The chakras in our feet are our direct connection to Gaia. Not to the matrix, which has a slippery, insecure shaky footing. A low vibration of fear that causes many of us to feel unsure and wobbly. We may compensate by tightening our ham strings and calf muscles to try and steady our legs in this hostile environment. 

To be fluid, healthy energetic beings we seek free and easy flow of frequencies through our mind body soul system. To attain this we seek adaptability, strength and fluid motion in our limbs. Our legs should be flexible to take the ebb and flow of cosmic upgrades, of fluctuations in our external and internal wavelengths. Allowing energy to flow up and down our bodies, back into Gaia. This is true grounding. 

The chakras on our knees are where we can release a lot of anxiety. That semi permanent state of fight or flight adrenal impulse that the matrix keeps us in, the vibration of fear, can be held in our legs. Let go, loosen them, imagine you are surfing or skiing. Always try and do the opposite of what you were doing to realign your system. If you sit hunched over a computer all day do some stretches that bend your back the opposite way. Cross the opposite leg from your usual one when sitting. This kickstarts physical realignment. We create grooves by repetitive movement and thoughts. These grooves can become dense and tough, we can get stuck in these sticky energetic ruts.

We store a lot of stress in our shoulders and back. The chakras on top of our shoulders can release this stress. Neck and back massages get to the core knots of this anxiety and release it. Gentle exercises like rolling your shoulders back and then forward encourage freer movement, a loosening of the energy. 

We are mind body soul beings. To be balanced and aligned we cannot neglect any of the three. A trinity is harmonious when it is in balance. Our crown chakra is the expansion of our mind, an opening of the doors of perception. Quantum dimensional experience. When our minds are closed down, locked down, shut down by bigotry, limited thought processes, matrix programming, we cut ourselves off from higher vibrational existence. Our feet ground us to Gaia, our crown chakra elevates us to the fifth dimension and beyond. It is our connection to planes of existence where love not fear is the wavelength of perceived reality. Where wisdom and oneness, zen universes and magic happens. 

Tabloid press are experts at programming our mind, our ego. Headlines act as programming algorithms training and triggering our minds. Fascism, mysogyny and elitism conditioning through mainstream media. These emotions are heavy, low frequency. They literally weigh our system down, limit our thinking, we become matrix robots.

Lower frequencies cause blockages and disruption to our energy flow, over time they layer if not released. These layers can become hard, toxic and painful, taking root in our physical bodies. The same can be said for mental low vibrations. When we neglect parts of our brain, sociability, compassion, empathy, curiosity, creativity, imagination they begin to shut down, to rust, to seal over. The crown chakra, at the top of our head, is the pathway to quantum existence. To clear, stengthen and balance the crown chakra is to restore compassion empathy and gratitude. It is to be creative, inquisitive, questioning and kind. It is to connect to higher self, guides, ascended masters. To understand sovereignty and oneness. To begin to think see, feel and be quantum. 

We can have overactive crown chakras, seeking spiritual escape through opiates, hallucinogens, lucid dreaming and astral travel. We can lose ourselves in our heads, become blind to the life in front of us as we close off to darker places in our mind, depression or dissociation. When we exist in higher dimensions, we relase our spirit and be in our crown chakra. We can neglect the lower chakras and ultimately our physical bodies. This is not a healthy trinity being. The flow of energy is slowed down and can become blocked from our lower body, our legs, we lose our connection to Gaia. We stumble, fall, lose dialogue with our limbs. We seek balance and realignment. 

The solar plexus is the centre of our being, our core strength. Not our legs. Like surfers we seek motion in our limbs, and strength and balance in our core. The solar plexus pulls everything together. It is the engine room, power house of our being. Enabling free flow from our feet to our crown and back again. We become expansive beings, our cells able to adjust, adapt and respond to the frequencies we encounter and generate. 

As the frequencies continue to rise we are propelled to make changes in our lives. Self care is the ultimate rebellious act in a system based on exploiting our weaknesses. We are consumers in the matrix, not citizens. Our health, our mental and emotional wellbeing are commodities bought and sold to the highest bidder. We are programmed from birth, some would say from the womb, to be slaves to a system built for the elite by the elite. 

Deprogramming, unplugging cannot be done for us, we must choose to do this. To stop eating processed food. To stop watching fabricated fear agenda mainstream ‘news’. To consciously connect to our bodies, see our organs, our muscles, our blood flow as integral, as part of us. The cabal have disconnected us from our bodies. They tell us our bodies are human suits we wear, we either control or it controls us. It is made to seem a separate thing from us. We are organic beings. To connect what we eat, what our eyes and mouths want with the fact that food is fuel. Are we running on poor quality, low vibration fuel or cleaner higher vibration fuel? 

Our heart chakras are the washing machine of our energetic beings. We can run all dark, stained negative emotions through our heart and they will be washed out into the universe. To be heart led is not to be weak or flighty. It is to interact with the world from the basis of love. To consciously shift our vibration from fear to love. We protect ourselves from lower vibrations by engaging our energy field, our guides and higher self. We learn to trust and act upon our intuition. 

To be an earth warrior is to believe in a better way of life on planet earth. It is to be that change you want to see. Connecting to love as a wavelength of existence, we can begin true self care. Caring for ourselves as whole beings, mind body and soul. This is our mission, our task, to ride waves of higher frequencies activate our chakras and come online as energetic beings of quantum existence. Anchor our light to Gaia’s grid, through self care, self healing and self love. Sending love and light brothers and sisters.

Mantra: I am a being of light, of love, of energy. 

I send healing love light to my body, to my mind and to my soul. Namaste.

Message for earth warriors and lightworkers.

This cosmic crossroads we have reached has shown us we can transform our reality by transforming ourselves. To delve into our psyche, to welcome activation of our chakra system, to seek inner peace and stillness. We can soar through the clouds as birds, play in the oceans like dolphins, we can set our spirits free. 

We and Gaia are on a collision course with quantum evolution. We are being jump started, ignited into being. We can embrace this transition. We can expand our consciousness beyond the walls of the matrix. We can see beyond our timeline. We can shift and change our paths, manifest, with Gaia, ascension to higher planes of existence. To achieve zen. To integrate upgrades propelling us to higher frequencies. We belong in the cosmic universe. 


You are to be part of and heard by the intergalactic community. This is your birthright as seeded beings of Sirius b, Lemuria, Atlantis and many, many more great civilisations. We herald your awakening. We celebrate your light. We are in awe of your courage. 

We ask you to be patient with the transition on the third dimension. We ask you remain anchored to Gaia’s grid of light. We ask you continue to shed your karmic armour, to reveal your true selves. 

We celebrate your vision, your hope and your comittment. This is your time as earth warriors and lightworkers to raise frequency levels, to visualise peace, abundance and freedom. To manifest love on Gaia. For love is the golden light vibration, it is the silk threaded through all of the universe, binding her.  

We can crack the algorithms of the matrix hologram, remove the wool from people’s eyes. Open the doors of perception and shine the light. This waiting room in time and space cannot be maintained forever. Every small step towards enlightenment raises vibrations, adds ripples of lighter energy through the ocean of infinite dimensional frequencies we exist in. 

Like snowflakes each one of you is individual and beautiful, intricate and sparkling. We offer you guidance in quiet spaces, in nature, in times of need and in love at all times. We are your soul tribe. We are the older, wiser you. We know you, we protect you. We love you. Integrate third eye activations, we are here for you, tune into our frequency. In loving service, in light and grace, we thank you.” 

We are not alone. Our multi dimensional soul tribe are cheering us all the way. Let them in. Embrace their presence, protection and guidance. Meditate, listen to your intuition, follow your gut. These are the senses to trust in a time of illusion and deceit. In solidarity, love and warrior power, Namaste. 

Mantra: I know my name, I know my name, I know my name.

Cosmic Energy Update Karmic Evolution 

The transcendence of Gaia to higher planes of existence offers her travellers a unique opportunity for total karmic overhaul. It is the fast track to existential, dna cellular evolution. To ride waves of lighter frequencies, to access quantum existence, is to consciously choose to embrace ourselves as mind body soul beings. 

Many of us have energetic armour, a protective shield or wall, we built around us in our formative years to protect us. It may have been constructed in past lives or by others in the form of ancestral karma. Taking off our armour is karmic evolution. It is to lighten our energetic load, raise our cellular frequencies and create more fluidity in our energetic body. We release blockages, shift and increase energetic flow. We begin to become our true selves.

When we are too much in our head, releasing painful memories, paralysed by fear or incessant worrying, we block, clog or cut off flow of energy round and through our chakras. We can disconnect from our own energy field unable or unwilling to respond to energies around us. Our spirit seeks release from pain, we can become dislocated, distanced from our day to day reality. Our mind in turmoil, our ego in overdrive and our vibration lowered.

This creates negative cycles, grooves in our mind like hard trodden pathways. We get stuck on repeat. To break this we must haul our vibrations up. We connect to our present. We engage our senses, we hear, feel, smell, see again. We awaken to the world in front of us. We acknowledge our pain but we draw a boundary, a self love line in the sand, that this pain will not define or destroy us. Making self care an integral part of our existence is necessary if we are to gain and maintain balance, equilibrium, inner calm. 

This transition of our systems from carbon based to crystalline is the hurdles of lifetimes compared to other lifetimes. Accelerated evolution. Our chance to exorcise eons of karma. This is a rare cosmic occurrence. Summon your inner warrior, fight your demons with acceptance, forgiveness and love. Connect to the present. Be in the moment not in your head. This is the frontline beautiful people, seek balance by making peace with yourself, your past and embracing your present and future. In love and light.


I am healing, I am protected, I am safe.

I am moving my spirit back into my body

I release all that no longer serves me to my highest purpose.

I am one with universal love frequency. Namaste