Riding the Cosmic Rollercoaster of Recalibration

Bouncing up and down the frequency spectrum means reacting to and manifesting our daily lives whilst on a crazy, cosmic rollercoaster. 

One day we can be flying on higher, lighter wavelengths of being. Seeing with our third eye, connected and at one with the world. The next we are crashing down through tidal waves of mayhem and madness. Matrix eyes wide open, everything in plain sight. 

Throughout this accelerated upgrade we go to work, do the school run, walk the dog, interact with people, live our lives. 

For some the highs of 5th dimensional being can be too much, too scary, they seek the security of grounded routines, clear and concise thinking. For others the 5th dimension is where they want to be softening the raw edges of planet earth 2017. Daily routines, linear living, can be a struggle. 

It’s all a ride, a fast tracked path of evolution. Accelerated reboot of humanity. We’re part of it. Riding it. Some days may feel way too 3d, others way too 5d. 

Strip it all back. Embrace solitude for reflection, guidance, meditation and growth. Embrace who you are when no one is looking. Sad, happy, raw, enraged, bewildered, besotted, whoever and whatever we are at that given moment is the real-ist thing we can be. 

Pull back layers of matrix programming. Meet, embrace, forgive, accept and seek peace with your self. Ride this crazy cosmic rollercoaster on love frequency.

Mantra: I forgive myself, I accept myself, I love my self. Namaste.

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Full Moon Shake Down

A trusted soul mate said the other day ‘I feel discombobulated’. We talked of feelings of disconnection, mood swings that were unsettling and a recurrence of karmic issues we both thought we had lanced, released and laid to rest. 

When the cosmic waves soar and everything gets cocooned in a protective layer of higher frequencies, filtering harsh reality is easier. Losing yourself in the peace of meditation can be challenging when there are constant demands and pressures. When we are bombarded with cruelty every day. 

I live in East London, a thriving dynamic community around me. Hidden in plain sight I see sick, elderly and addicted people sleeping on the streets. I see cultural clashes, police activity and lost souls. I see the beauty and grace in people whose lives are too harsh, too challenging. 

And I see the march of property developers devouring everything cultural, caring and compassionate in our community for profit. Our local mosque, our Caribbean square of culture, a local garden cafe, ringletted in fairy lights, all fighting to survive the property developers never ending greed. More flats, more rent, more money. 

Charities that were already plugging a sinking ship closed down without a second thought for the people who relied on their support. 

I wrote an article last week on deconstructing the paedophilia agenda in advertising, Hollywood and msm. I haven’t published it because I don’t want to be responsible for waking people up to this horrific and prolific agenda. Everywhere I look I see it, all the harsh truths hidden in plain sight. 

I try to eat well and feed my family clean food but inevitably the pace of life, my own lack of confidence and knowledge of cooking leads to shop-bought-God-only-knows -what’s-in-it meals. I send my kids to school everyday knowing they are sausage meat factories for matrix programming. But they have friends and they fit in. So I do it. I conform. 

Every day I try to use meditation, yoga, reading, nature, gratitude and mindfulness to quell the anger, panic, fear and anxiety being here on planet earth fills me with. 

The true nature of people remains a mystery to me. People reveal themselves as violent sociopaths. We push on. The other day I helped an older Jamaican man get off the road in his wheelchair. He cried. He asked if I could heal him. I held him. I gave him a crystal. I asked his guides and angels to speak louder so he could hear them. What else could I do? What kind of world is this? 

5dhealing is where I show my true self. My authentic self with all the kooky, crazy concepts that buzz in my head all day, every day. I thank you for listening. For sharing. If it wasn’t for this forum and the lovely people who visit me here I wonder if maybe I would have imploded by now. 

Some days I could crawl out my own skin with anger and shock at what goes on everyday for millions of people. I sign petitions. I meditate love frequency. I keep trusted people close. 

Thankyou for coming to my page here and on Facebook, and liking what you see. This is where I heal my hurt, this is where I pray, this is where I feel human empathy and love. My mantra for this evening: I receive love, I share love, I am grateful. Namaste.

April full moon #cosmicsurfer

Full moons affect us in ways we can’t fathom. We are mostly made of water. This planet is mostly water (whoever came up with Planet Earth was having a laugh). The moons energetic waves push and pull the water round this planet. We are inherently part of this process. We are moved at a cellular level by the frequencies of the moon. Her influence on our mind body soul beings is deep and dynamic. 

She has been worshipped as a goddess. She may be an integral part of this holographic reality. Or she may be intricately linked to our evolution in magical, mysterious ways. Quantum mechanics ways. Multi dimensional ways. 

Gaia is ascending to higher planes of existence and we have the chance to ride waves of awakening and recalibrate to these higher frequencies. The cycle of the moon and stars takes on greater more profound significance during this celestial time of transition and transformation. 

The push and pull, ebb and flow of the moon creates tidal waves of energy moving through us. Realignment and recalibration of our carbon based systems to crystalline structure is taking place aided by these cosmic moon waves. 

Clumsiness, shaky limbs, nausea and dizziness can be experienced. Our physical bodies are changing, we are affected in a gravitational sense. The very fabric of our world is being recalibrated, transformed into something else, something lighter, where energies pulse with love, light, peace and abundance. 

Releasing little (and big) orbs of karma with every ripple; flashbacks, time fluctuations, dimensional slippage can occur. We may find adhering to the strict limits of this linear matrix increasingly challenging, yearning for a more free and fluid existence. 

This is the 5th dimension calling. A recognition that the 9-5 working ethos is not conducive to humanity’s evolution. It has stunted it. Blocked it. On the other side of things many millions fight simply to survive another day. 

We are shedding this low vibration, this boxed in, blocked and battered frequency, like a goddess released from her chains. 

The constellations, the configuration of the stars on our little galaxy, illuminate and guide us through karmic evolution. April’s full moon in Libra, moving to Scorpio, lights the dark path of cosmic transition. 

Full moons offer a chance to begin again. To break old habits, to step our of our matrix avatar a little bit more. To walk through doors of change and see where they take us. 

Moving to Scorpio highlights those darker elements of human nature. The mysterious, magical elements of ourselves the matrix doesn’t allow us to express. The esoteric, the erotic, the eclectic and the creative facets of our humanity. To become more rounded beings, less 2d labelled stepford people. 

Welcome the quirkiness of your nature, the artist, the thinker, the daydream believer. Loosen the ties of convention and expectation and look inside yourself. 

What do you really want to do, be? Who, what do you love, feel passionate about? What gets you excited about life? Who or what gives you that buzz in your gut, the solar plexus charge up of light energy. Boom. This is where you want to be. This is who you want to be. 

Meditate on past memories that pop up over these few days of beautiful full moon magic. Muse and meander in your mind through old passageways and find new doors, halls, corridors and rooms to wander through. 

We can’t welcome the new until we clear the clutter, the things that hold us back. Block our actions, undermine our judgement, muffle our senses, our true instincts. 

Create space for the new. Take some time for reflection. Walk, swim, enjoy nature, sit and think. The thoughts we have are not so random as we are led to believe. They are lights leading us down paths of karmic release, of tears, fears, fun and future possibility. 

We can all learn to surf waves of cosmic light upgrades, balanced, centred, our heads held high. Strengthen your chakras in meditation, yoga and energetic exercise like Xi gong to help restore and retain core strength. 

Ritualise the full moon’s power to reboot, with smudging, crystals, candles incantation and gratitude. Capitalise on the full moon tidal waves of higher frequencies, integrate, recalibrate and consolidate with self care. These are amazing times to be alive, enjoy full moon surfing friends. 

Mantra: I am a fluid being, bathing in the light of the moon goddess, in gratitude, grace and humility. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.

Meditate Love Frequency

In meditation send healing to Syria and all places on Gaia torn apart by war. We send healing love light energy into the heart of darkness, to bathe traumatised men, women and children in our love. We magnify this healing energy by multiplying our numbers, by coming online, anchoring our light to Gaia’s grid, one soul at a time. 

The horrors being carried out on planet earth destroy human life, dignity and Gaia. We will not let them destroy love. We are online, we are unplugged, we are awake and we are powerful. We connect and open our heart chakras, we gather this emerald energy of universal heart led love and we send it to Syria, to those in need. Like a hug in the night, we send wave after wave of higher vibrational protection and healing. 

We search the stars for answers, for help, for reassurance and for survival. We are reaching point of critical mass, the tipping point between 3rd and 5th dimensional existence. 

The time is now to haul our vibrations up, breathe and connect to love light frequency and anchor this light to Gaia’s grid. 

Mantra: I am one with love light, I send this healing love energy to Syria and all those affected by war. I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.

Libra Full Moon

April’s libra full moon is pushing us to find our centre, our balance. Can we weather stormy seas of quantum transformation? Can we remain grounded yet elevated? Can we keep our vibrations high whilst all around us seem to be losing their perspective? 

Destruction of people and places rage around us. Tragedy and horror confront us, where has humanity’s humanity gone? The crazier global politics, pollution and poverty get the more we are challenged to stay calm. To connect to that part of ourselves we can’t see. To trust our instincts and unplug from corrosive programming. 

Full moons create surges in upgrades. We can feel shaky, physically and emotionally. Improve balance with yoga, Xi gong, tai chi, energetic exercises, teaching us the principles of mind body soul alignment. Meditation restores inner peace and equilibrium.

If tears come let them flow. Karmic release is triggered, we may not know why we feel upset. We don’t always have to know, release and let go. 

Decisions can be challenging as we concentrate on not losing our energetic balance. We can feel foggy, floaty or fearful. Relationships can become pressurised, unpredictable and emotional. Reach out to guides and higher self in meditation for help and support. 

Full moon waves can lift us to higher dimensions, open our minds to possibilities beyond what we see as the physical world. We can block this lightness of being with denser energies, anxiety, stress, fear, sadness and anger. 

Capitalise on full moon light energy by being open to the transition, embracing it, consciously releasing negative emotions. We can ritualise karmic release and aid manifestation using smudging, candles, crystals, mantras and focused intention. Safe full moon surfing beautiful people _/\_.

Full moon mantra: I embrace transition, I release blockages that are holding me back, I ask that xxxx be drawn into my life. I do this in gratitude, with grace and humility.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


Nature lifts our spirits. Nature balances our chakra system. Nature clears and strengthens our energy field. In nature we can plug ourselves into the vibration of Gaia, of universal love frequency. 

During times of turmoil and tragedy nature can soothe our souls, calm our minds and fill our hearts. 

Even in the big cities we can always find nuggets of nature to enjoy. Parks, beaches, woodland, hills and mountains, fields and forests, all are gifts from Gaia. 

We connect and are reminded, we too come from nature, we are part of the intricate fabric of this natural world, we belong. Let the fresh air wash over you, listen, relax and breathe. We are reset, rebooted, realigned in nature, seek her out and share some love. 

Mantra: I am one with Gaia, I flow with universal love energy, I receive love, I share love, I am love. Namaste.

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Pink Full Moon April 2017

Five days till our April pink full moon, a chance for fresh starts, new beginnings. The proximity of Jupiter heralds luck and positive potential. Quick manifestation keeps us on our toes. Great global changes are occurring behind the scandalous scenes of global politics. 

The matrix is being decommissioned, layer by layer. Our insight and understanding will clear and sharpen as these shifts in the energetic cloak around planet earth take hold.

Capitalise on the energy of full moon cosmic wavelengths. Meditate love frequency. Connect, breathe, tune up your third eye for guidance. Power up heart, throat and solar plexus chakras for compassion, confidence and core strength. 

We are entering a period of intense recalibration, this will last several months. Prepare by learning to listen to your body, what does it need, want, to be healthy? Connect to it, see it as an integral part of you, use kind language when speaking of or to your body. 

Avoid criticising or flooding our systems with self hatred. The matrix thrives on our insecurities, our self loathing and inferiority complexes. The matrix creates vulnerability and exploits it ruthlessly. Break this programming apart. Rebuild the links and connectedness between our minds, bodies and souls. Reignite this magical trinity of alignment by being kind and loving to our whole selves. 

We are experiencing profound changes, our carbon based systems shedding heavy karma, matrix toxins and denser vibrations, transforming us to a crystalline structure for higher planes of existence. Connecting with love for ourselves is a key part of this transition, embrace who you are. Celebrate yourself. Be kind to yourself. 

Mantra: I love my mind, I love my body, I love my soul. In gratitude, I am a sovereign being connected to a magical world of wonder. Namaste.

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